Monday, March 14, 2016

Alpha legion progress

Joe's alpha legion is looking great.  Here is an update.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Joe's Alpha Legion painting tutorial

Alpha legion Tutorial.
My good friend Joe has been working on his Alpha Legion.  He has been kind enough to send a very thorough recipe for his take on the alpha legion.

Here's how he does it:

1: Prime Black; as little as needed to get full coverage
2: Airbrush Base with a 50/50 mix of Vallejo Gunmetal/chainmail.
3: Airbrush top of model with Vallejo Silver.
4: Airbrush two coats of 75/25 of Tamiya Clear Blue/Clear Green.
5: Airbrush the flat panels Tamiya Clear Blue from the midpoint down; blend so the strongest blue is at the bottom
6: Repeat #5 with Clear Green, from the midpoint up.
7: Using an extremely thinned Vallejo Silver with a hint of Lothern Blue (like 1:15-20; enough to make the paint appear "off"), airbrush the top of the shoulders, pack, and helmet. Less is more here.
8: Using thinned Tamiya Clear Blue, brush over the highlighted armor sections and blend into the non-highlight areas.
9: Take Guilliman Blue glaze, and drag it down the model so it covers the recesses; this is a glaze and shade at once. I break up excessive pools and cover any overly thin areas. DO NOT WET GLAZE UNTIL YOU GET THE PROPER BLUE. This will result in a model that is too dark. Do a single coat, let it dry. Patience is the key.

Pick out your metal bits in the silver of your choice, nuln oil, and highlight. I use a striking motion to gain a weathered effect.

Finally, remember that the Alpha Legion uses non-standard markings. I show individual tactical squads via backpack coloration, specialists via helmet markings, and rank structure via stripes and shoulder coloration.

For the Emperor!

 I love this saboteur model.