Monday, April 13, 2009

Magnetize your wraithlord

I put together my wraithlord a few months ago and thought I would only ever use the sword. After a few games, I decided that flexibility is always a plus. I already magnetized the weapon mount on the shoulder, and thought it would be great to have the option for two weapons. I took off the other shoulder mount months ago, and thought I would replace the sword hand with a gun hand. Luckily I pinned the sword hand on, and the super glue didn't work too well.
Next, I pulled out a nail we use to hang pictures in the house with a nice, broad head and cut the nail off to about 3-4 milimeters, drilled a hole in the hand, and glued it in. The magnet on my gun still seemed to spin around too much, so I put another head just in front of it. Looks like two heads are better than one.

Now I can mount whatever gun I want on this bad boy along with the shoulder mount. Now to paint him. (click on pics for a closeup view)

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