Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dark Eldar Grotesque Conversions - Work in Progress

I got the original idea from Eye of Terror at this post Grotesques. 
These are a lot of fun to make.  I tried to think about what I would least like to get attacked with, and came up with these weapons.  I got the idea for the first guy from the latest Sherlock Holmes movie.  Great movie.  Hooks = Ouch.

This guy is my least favorite, and will probably get a change. 

Here is the aberation with a scissor-hand.  It is magnetized in case I want to switch out his weapon.  
 I like the way this guy turned out.  He will have a wych braid of hair out the back.

 For the liquifier grotesque, I wanted it to look like he had a great vat of disgusting stuff on his back that he was spraying out of the liquifier.  I may put enemy parts out the top of it, as though he is blending them up and spraying them on his foe.

 And a family shot with the half-painted wrack cousins for scale.
 They still need some work.  All of their heads are held on with plasti-tac, and I am debating on making a meat backpack for them.  I kinda like them the way they are, but like what Lucky 5 did over at eye of terror.  Thanks again to lucky for sharing the idea.  He is the mastermind behind these guys.


  1. Oh, man- those fish hooks are so cool, and perfectly appropriate
    Little dangerous, though, don'tcha think?
    If they lose combat (unthinkable!), just let your opponent pull them off the table....

  2. You probably don't need to be told, but I'd file down the points on those fishhooks. That's just asking for trouble. Cool though.

  3. I like the idea about making my opponent take them off the board. Maybe I will file them down a bit.

  4. NIIICE! They look great. The fish-hook one is very clever.

    I really really dig the horned helmet one with the wraith lord sword. That helmet is serious gladiator man. Love it.

  5. These look so much better than the GW sculpts. I have to agree with everyone else, the fish hook grotesque is my favorite.

  6. Thanks all. Thanks for the idea and example Lucky No.5. I hope my meat backpacks and external spines come out as good as yours, and These aren't as good as your greenstuffed monstrosities Mr. Ochs. Those things rock!

  7. Really impressive work. I'd be digging those fishhooks out of my hand every other day.

  8. Amazingly enough, I haven't filed down the points of the hooks, and haven't caught myself once on them. The only models that I have actually drew blood with are the Trygon and Raider model. Those models always work very well for me, so maybe its a good thing if the model tastes some actual blood before battle.

  9. Those models are awesome looking. I especially like the ones with the hooks, I can just them pulling down some wobbly legged walker or tank.