Monday, August 23, 2010

Air Brush First Attempt

I finaly bit the bullet, and bought an airbrush.  I wanted to see just how much I could get done in a couple of hours.  After two painting sessions of two hours each, I got 6 tanks, a drop pod, and 36 space wolves undercoated. 
The Drop pod is probably the most finished of the batch.  I got a little too crazy with the drybrushing and made a mess of it.  No problem, I just covered over the areas with the airbrush, and problem solved.  I originaly painted this a robin egg shell blue, but decided I didn't want a powder puff team of wolves, and darkened the blue a bit.  You can still see some of the powder blue at the top of the pod.( and a paint spot from the airbrush not having the right consistency of paint.)
Can't wait to add some freehand and details to the Landraider.

I am still undecided on whether or not I like the guitar string aerial on this Vindicator.  Maybe I just need to bend it in a better arc.  You can see on this tank that I basecoated the whole thing with a dark brown/black and then painted the blue over the top of it.  Lastly I drybrushed it with a mix of codex grey and space wolves grey.
Magnetized predator.  Like the look of it, don't know if I will use him a lot.  Gotta love the tanks though.
This shows the color I originaly painted three tanks and a few guys.  I think they will match allright once I wash and drybrush them.  Sorry, a little out of focus.
Lastly, this shows the difference between a sweet resin base and your run-of-the-mill standard base.  The bases are Runic bases from Secret Weapon miniatures.  They look great.  I can't wait to finish them up.

I learned a few things about the airbrush.  I was a little intimidated at first.  It is NOT a magic, make everything look great machine.  It is another tool that has to be learned.  Just like dry brushing, washing, highlighting, etc.  It does paint a lot of stuff very fast.

The most important thing I have learned is to get the paint the right consisitency.  Too thick and it jams it up.  Too thin and you get splatter or watery spray. 


  1. Dude, that stuff looks awesome, I can't wait to see it all complete. The freehand is going to be cool, I can feel it...

  2. Must say, i like the colors for your wolves! The aerial antenna looks nice, very nice. It reminds me of a old school one on an vietnam ish vehicle. Dunno if thats good or bad for you but i like it!

    Impressive first try. If i had more mech for my catachans i would consider buying on for sure! Looking forward to more pictures.