Friday, July 19, 2013

Wraithblade progress, and mistakes

Here are my wraithblades so far.  I have only airbrushed them.  I learned a few things, sometimes less is more, especially with an airbrush.  I tested too many colors on my wraithguard.  Also, airbrushing doesn't work as well on the smaller, all metal figures.  On my wraithlords, i painted them in parts, their main bodies, heads, and back sections were separate. Good thing too, I made a mess of the bodies trying to get them just right. It only got worse and worse.  The wraithlord bodies and old wraithguard will get another paint job.


  1. Really digging the work so far. You make even the ugly stuff in the process look elegant. Keep it up.

  2. Damn, Mr. Ghant stole my line. I was going to say "really digging..."
    Anyway, I really like your poses on these models. Very nice! I was just thinking today of cutting up my old school metal wraithlord (technically "eldar dreadnought" at that time) and trying to rework him in an action pose. Now I have some inspiration!

  3. I forgot how cool the poses were on your lords. I was thinking the paint looked good so far too. I still love the colors. I think the blue really ties it to the rest of your army, the bronze make them look old, and the white/cream is the perfect contrast.

  4. Thanks everyone. I am going to actually finish these guys, and not start anything else until they are done.

    Neal- Thanks, sometimes its hard to continue on a project that you aren't in love with.

    J.D. I love those old dreadnoughts. Two of mine turned into warwalkers, but i have an old vampire class that is going to get some love soon. Ca't wait to see yours.

    Aric- the wraithseer started off the cream/brown color, then got drybrushed gold, and then added the blue. My other wraithguard/lords will be the cream with blue banners. Now the only problem is the cream/bone guns don't contrast with the blue bodies. Hmmm.